Quick Issues

"Do the right thing for the people of Newport Beach"

Quick Issues:

Dixon is proud to represent the people of Newport Beach and directly serve their interests. She proudly says that she has built a broad base of supporters in the community based on her fundamental guiding principle: “Do the right thing for the people of Newport Beach.”.  

Key Priorities: 

City Hall Transparency

Common Sense Business Practices

Fiscal Responsibility

Honor Our Residents

Public Safety and Security




Diane Dixon's approach is simple: "I listen to you, then act".  Dixon listens to the residents' views and takes them into account when making decisions. She genuinely wants the residents to know that their local government is here to respond to their needs.

Debt + Liabilities 


Dixon strongly believes that we should aggressively pay down the city's unfunded pension liability with without jeopardizing the on-going public investment and programs to serve the residents. 



As Chair of the City’s Finance Committee, Dixon's position has been clear: keep spending and headcount flat year to year, excluding the mandated costs of our employee agreements and other contractual obligations. 

General Plan


There are three general statements of principle that Dixon runs her campaign: 1. She supports property rights, 2. She believes in uniting the interests of buisnesses and residents, and 3. She supports responsible planning for conservative development.

Water Quality 


Dixon served as Chair of the City’s Water Quality and Tidelands Management Committee for two years and has a good understanding and appreciation of the long-term investment necessary to protect our waters.  She currently supports efforts to ensure our water quality is protected - in the harbor, in the Back Bay, and along our beaches. 


Lido-Marina-Village-1 (1).jpg

I am an enthusiastic supporter of our business community and I want to ensure our businesses succeed. I am a fervent supporter of a revitalized Balboa Peninsula business community – including Lido Marina Village, McFadden Square/Newport Pier and Balboa Village. 

Art in Our Community 


I support allocating a portion of city general funds to support our Arts Commission and the programs they bring to our community. I believe that the funds we are currently allocating provides a significant foundation for an exciting arts and culture program for the residents of Newport Beach. I would like to see more private/public partnerships to support our arts and culture programs if the community supports the need. 


It is critical that the city and the community remain vigilant in addressing the key issues of flight paths, noise monitoring, takeoff acceleration, noise and air pollution and other issues that affect our quality of life, especially for those whose lives are affected daily.

On the Harbor

2015_09_12 NB Aerial.jpg

Our beautiful Newport Harbor is one of the city’s most important economic assets. Dixon strongly supports the creation of a Harbor Department to manage Harbor operations as well as programs and resources to ensure our harbor water quality and infrastructure are protected, maintained and improved and services to our boating population are delivered at low cost and high quality.

Reducing Crime


I am pleased that the City Council supported my efforts in 2015 to restore to the Peninsula four of the eight uniformed police officer positions eliminated in the 2008 recession. The result is increased enforcement and reduced levels of certain major crimes.   Our job is to honor the men and women who service and by providing them with the best tools and equipment to do their jobs well and keep us safe. 

Balboa Island Sea Wall


The City Council has alotted more than $3 million in 2017-18 to begin to repair and replace the city’s 70-year-old sea walls. The city is committed to funding sea wall repair, maintenance and replacement for decades to come, to meet the needs of the next 30 to 50 years. 

Lido House


Public and private investments, for example Marina Park and the Lido House Hotel, have become economic engines that bring a renewed vitality and vibrancy to our entire city. Our local business success contributes to our sales tax base, and we all benefit.